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Rooted Insurance Services is an independent, fully licensed insurance broker focused on the needs of people approaching retirement, transitioning to retirement, and already retired. 

Brian J. Godfrey

Licensed Insurance Agent

Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Founder, Rooted Financial 

I believe in delivering old-fashioned, personal service. While the internet can be a great tool, I believe we can connect on a much more personal level in person. I make house calls so that I can completely understand your WHY and so that you can fully understand your rights and entitlements. 

I’ve made the commitment to be a specialist rather than a generalist and, as a result, I am very selective about the clients I work with. I prefer to be all things to some people. While some advisors are fixated on making a sale, I’m concerned that there be a fit between us, because I believe that is the foundation of a successful long-term working relationship. It is for that reason I have an ideal client profile, and that I stick to it.
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