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Retirement Planning

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together without looking at the box lid?

We have developed and refined a process that puts all the pieces of the financial picture together for our clients.
They want to face the future with excitement and anticipation rather than apprehension, knowing they won’t outlive their money.

They want to sleep well at night knowing that they can start checking off boxes on their bucket list.
The beauty of our process is that we never lose sight of two essential elements to achieving financial independence, what Matters and what you can Control.
We have a strategy. We don’t jam square pegs in round holes – We craft a strategy that addresses your needs and brings clarity to your situation.
We look at everything that could impact your retirement — income, legacy, Social Security, investments,
extended care, health care, and taxes, among other retirement risks.
Depending on the decisions you make
pertaining to these items, each could be an asset or liability to attaining your goals.
We help you make sense
of it all, always keeping your retirement goals at the core of our process.
Rooted Financial Services serves as a fiduciary when providing advisory services. 
A fiduciary, by law, must act in your best interest in all endeavors.
No matter where you are in your planning or needs, we listen. Using our process, we’ll guide you through key retirement decisions and show you how they may impact each other. 
Retirement Income
In retirement, your income may shift from a steady salary to a Social Security and pension benefit —but it’s often inadequate. Creating a reliable income stream can include using various sources such as a 401(k), IRA, CD or annuity.
Social Security
Social Security is a major source of income for most retirees. But claiming it too soon can reduce your monthly amount by as much as 25% permanently and waiting can boost it by 32% annually, making the claiming decision more important than most people realize.
Investments such as mutual funds, bonds and
alternative investments can play a big role in
meeting your expenses and lifestyle expectations
in retirement. Having a healthy mix of asset
protection, guarantees, and at-risk dollars may
help you achieve your retirement goals.
Legacy planning is deciding while you’re alive how
you want your estate distributed after your death.
But it can be more than just leaving your children
an inheritance. Failing to plan for your own death
may leave your life partner or other loved ones in
financial trouble.
Extended Care
This refers to when you need help performing
everyday activities such as bathing, feeding, or taking
medications. Because it’s not considered medical
care, Medicare and supplemental Medicare insurance
plans don’t cover these expenses.
Health Care
Health care is one of the biggest expenses in
retirement. A bad health care decision can cost
thousands of dollars annually, and a lack of
planning could ruin a retirement plan.
Retirement Risks
This refers to risks that could chip away at a
retirement plan, including longevity (outliving your
money), inflation, and sequence of return risk
(receiving lower returns on your investments when
you need to make withdrawals for your retirement
Because income sources are taxed differently,
strategizing your withdrawals is necessary to avoid
the myriad tax pitfalls, such as being taxed at higher
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